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The biggest elephant in the room is cost.

We all want to know what we're paying for and how much it will cost, from the initial Architectural Designs for home extensions through to Planning Applications. Unfortunately, until we've worked out the design, this is largely an unknown.

In building terms, it would be like asking someone to look into a crystal ball...........and usually is just that.

However, at the front end - the design end, I've tried to work out a way to give a clear 'it is what it says on the tin' guide to the process and show that you can tailor my services to meet your needs & main priorities.

For example, if cost is most important to you - pick the Bronze package. If Continuity is your priority, then pick the Silver package.

If you are time poor and need someone to really keep you on track and do all the ringing round and getting costs & timings that you don't have time to do, then go for Gold.

Each package cost will be determined by the size of your project in square meters. For example, a single storey extension of 12 square meters will cost less than a 2 storey extension of 24 square meters. That is not to say it will be half the cost, as there are some parts of the process that will be common to both irrespective of the size. 

It does however mean that I have created a matrix where after taking a few details on your project, I can give you a guide to how much you can expect to pay for each package - taking a bit of the guesswork out of the process.


Please see below for the inclusions and exclusions of each package and please feel free to contact me for outline costs using the 'get prices' buttons.


PACKAGE ICONS Bronze Outline.png
Design & Planning Package

Ideal for clients looking to obtain Planning Permission only, but not intending to continue on to subsequent build.

Most Popular
PACKAGE ICONS Silver Outline.png
Design, Planning
& Technical Package

Ideal for clients wishing to obtain Planning Permission and complete subsequent build 

Design, Planning
& Technical Package including Project Planning Assistance

Ideal all in one package for time poor client who require full assistance with planning their project.

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