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Team Meeting

Stage 01 - Preparation & Brief

When we first meet, preferrably at your property/site, we will discuss your ideas and aspirations for the project and your outline budget for the works. I always endeavor to work with you to inspire new ideas that will assist in informing the brief. These will be based specifically on your property/site, your exact requirements and ultimately your expectations.


Following our initial discussions I will then formulate the brief that will also include a breakdown of the process, my level of involvement as per our agreed discussions, and my fees.

As part of the brief, I will highlight the need for any potential external consultants that may be required, ie: Structural Engineer, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, Landscape Architect, level of consent you mey need, ie. Permitted Development/Certificate of Lawful Development, Full Planning Permission etc., and make sure you are aware of any likely potential additional costs (based on information known at that point).

At this point it will generally be a good idea to look at a timeline incorporating all the stages of the project to the point of the construction. Its always preferrable to be fully informed and understand how long your project will likely take - ultimately I aim to give you a realistic project cost and timeline to avoid any nasty surprises along the way!


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